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After our kickstarter the first camps we ran were very simple, but the idea was there to share the joy of surfing with those who might not normally get a chance!  Now our camps and brand have evolved to where we donate a portion of our apparel sales to local surf charities.  So far we have been able to donate over 10K and counting towards the surf charities we work with!


We are grateful to have partnered with awesome organizations that offer the highest quality surf camps.  The camps we work with know that surfing is so much more then riding a wave.  The ocean has a special way to make things better for everyone.  It creates a positive and empowering impact on all those who get the chance to experience what it is to surf!

We are always seeking new surf charities to work with to help further expand our mission.  If you know any organizations that would like to partner with us please contact us at:

Photos are from Indo Jax Surf Charities check them out at