What's a Shaka?

Despite the hardship he faced, Hamana remained cheerful and optimistic. He would often wave to passing cars and pedestrians with his unique hand gesture, a fist with the thumb and pinky finger extended outward, resembling a surfer's hand sign. His greeting conveyed a simple message: "Hang loose" or "Take it easy." Over time, this gesture became known as the "Shaka" and was embraced by the Hawaiian surf culture as a symbol of the carefree and welcoming spirit of the islands.

The Shaka symbol quickly spread beyond Hawaii's shores and became a global icon of positivity, relaxation, and camaraderie. It is often used in the surfing community as a way to greet fellow surfers and express the shared love for the waves and the ocean. Beyond surfing, the Shaka is used worldwide as a universal sign of goodwill, often exchanged between friends and strangers alike.

In essence, the Shaka symbol represents the enduring legacy of Hamana Kalili's cheerful disposition and his ability to find joy in life despite its challenges. It reminds us all to take a moment to relax, appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and share a friendly gesture with those we meet along the way.

This man’s story makes us grateful and proud to continue his legacy and good spirit through our brand and mission.